Updating Records

The update statement is used to update or change records that match a specified criteria. This is accomplished by carefully constructing a where clause.

update "tablename"
set "columnname" =
[,"nextcolumn" =
where "columnname"
OPERATOR "value"
[and|or "column"
OPERATOR "value"];

[] = optional

[The above example was line wrapped for better viewing on this Web page.]


update phone_book
set area_code = 623
where prefix = 979;

update phone_book
set last_name = 'Smith', prefix=555, suffix=9292
where last_name = 'Jones';

update employee
set age = age+1
where first_name='Mary' and last_name='Williams';

Update statement exercises

After each update, issue a select statement to verify your changes.

  1. Jonie Weber just got married to Bob Williams. She has requested that her last name be updated to Weber-Williams.
  2. Dirk Smith's birthday is today, add 1 to his age.
  3. All secretaries are now called "Administrative Assistant". Update all titles accordingly.
  4. Everyone that's making under 30000 are to receive a 3500 a year raise.
  5. Everyone that's making over 33500 are to receive a 4500 a year raise.
  6. All "Programmer II" titles are now promoted to "Programmer III".
  7. All "Programmer" titles are now promoted to "Programmer II".

Create at least 5 of your own update statements and submit them.

Answers to exercises

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